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Small Scale Aquaponic Food Production- Integrated Fish and Plant Farming

Somerville, C., Cohen, M., Pantanella, E., Stankus, A., Lovatelli, A. 2014.



Baitfish Culture In Arkansas:
Golden Shiners, Goldfish, and Fathead Minnows

Nathan Stone, Eric Park, Larry Droman, and Hugh Thomforde

Aquaculture Alternatives in Arkansas

Nathan Stone, George Selden, and Anita M. Kelly

Arkansas Farm Pond Management Calendar

J. Wesley Neal


Tank Spawning and Hatching of Golden Shiners

Nathan Stone, Ellen McNulty, Eric Park

Costs of Small-Scale Catfish Production

Nathan Stone, Carole Engle, Robert Rode

Preparing and Stocking Golden Shiner Fry Ponds

Nathan Stone, Steve Lochmann, Eric Park


Nutrition and Feeding of Baitfish

Rebecca Lochmann and Harold Phillips

Aquaculture Producer' Quick Reference Handbook

Larry Dorman

Commercial Bait and Ornamental Fish Certification Program: Listed Aquatic Nuisance Species

Compiled by Nathan Stone